Exam Packages

ICAO Language Proficiency Levels 4-6 

239,00 EUR

For pilots who wish to go beyond Level 4 - the "open" exam. If you achieve a Level 5, you have to renew every 6 years, Level 6 is a lifelong rating:

  • The exam contains a number of questions on aviation, but is not testing your technical knowledge. What is important is that you show your abilities to understand and talk
  • You will be asked to read numbers and letters according to ICAO Standard Phraseology
  • You will be asked to read back radio calls and interpret ATIS
  • You will be asked to describe two aviation pictures 
  • At the end, there is a 10-minute conversation about your life as a pilot, student, your hobbies, etc.
  • All in all, exams typically last 40 minutes
  • It is audio-recorded and carried out face-to-face (camera on) and voice-only (camera off) according to AMC1 FCL.055 (Annex I to ED Decision 2020/005 / R).